Friday, May 17, 2013

First Holy Communion Tiffany's Party

After being 3 years in the process, 2 complete years of classes, a retreat, and her First Reconciliation, my daughter was finally going to receive her First Holy Communion! 

For those of you who are not Catholic, there are a total of 7 sacraments that one can accomplish within the Catholic faith. 

A little history...
Growing up I did not appreciate what my mother was trying to instill in us all those Sundays feeling like I was being punished to sit on wooden pews, trying my best not to close my eyes, let alone letting my mother see I was falling asleep for fear that she would pinch me to keep me alert.  It wasn't until I was in high school and in the process of my own sacrament of Confirmation that I understood and was participating on my own free will, no pinching necessary ;)

Present day...
To this day my mother continues to be a strong influence on my faith because of the amount of her own faith and without her I don't know what kind of faith I would have. While we don't always agree with each other and our choices, she is someone I look up to because of her strength. 

So this party was dedicated to her. 
She is the reason I choose to celebrate my Isabella's First Holy Communion with a Tiffany's Party.

I started with a Party Board on my Pinterest.

Knowing this was a once in a lifetime event for my daughter I wanted it to be styled with grace and beauty.
So I knew I would need some talented experts for the look I was going for!

I first browsed through Etsy and discovered Northern Designs. Robert has a beautiful collection of invitation designs. When I found the right look, but needed a custom color, he was more than able to complete the request! Thanks Robert!

I headed over to Made by a Princess for her new line of Sparkle Sticks! It was love at first sight and I knew I had to have them for this event! 

I next made contact with Roni Sugar Creations for some of her AMAZING cookie creations! I follow her on Instagram and am constantly in awe of her the sweet masterpieces she creates!

Recently I discovered a local bakery known for their French Macarons. They are EXQUISITE! So I ordered a dozen vanilla  from Merely Sweets and they just so happened to be the color I wanted...Tiffany Blue! 

And what celebration would not be complete without a cake...a little blue box inspired cake is what I envisioned and Yvette from Sweet Mimas created yet another lovely cake!

And last but not least is Laura from LAURA'S little PARTY. This woman's creativity and energy is just FABULOUS! Her LOVE of Tiffany's is contagious and infectious.

Without further a due, ISABELLA's Tiffany's Party

Favors for guest to take home :)

Ceviche Martini Glass Cocktails

Meatball Sliders 
Why YES these are coffee filters! :)
Sewing Table turned Drink Table :)

Look familiar? Repurposed this bird cage and used in my Mad Hatter Tea Party Birthday!

Doily Banner A La EVIE

Sparkle Sticks from Made By A Princess
The white dove cookies were my own creations :)
Cross cookies from Roni Sugar Creations! They not only look fabulous, but they taste oh so amazing!

Bows A La EVIE
Merely Sweets Vanilla French Macarons

Donut Pearls

Holly Golightly coconut pearl cup cakes! 
Sweet Treat Selections A La EVIE

Cake by Sweet Mima's

"Be a source of joy & inspiration" -Walt Disney

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